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wordandphrase.info: super detailed info on english words. gives frequencies of words, example contexts, more specific/more general words, and much more!
grape: a parametric shape grammar interpreter
my favorite video: this is guaranteed to make me smile. hopefully it will also make you smile.
posterazor: printing out images really big
death clock: reminder of my mortality
etymonline: an online etymology dictionary. the guy who runs it is very helpful!
color calculator: interactive color wheel with lots of harmony choices
monochromatic colors generator: gives a spectrum, dark to light, for a given color. website also includes many other color tools!
color hunt: a variety of palettes


you're probably using the wrong dictionary: james somers blog post on words and their definitions
how to stop using the wrong dicionary if you're on macOS catalina: a tutorial from corey ward
the messy bullet journal: how i organize my life


why should we care about species?
incarnate thought
what if certain mental disorders are not disorders at all?

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